Artisan 618-1SC/Upholstery - Display only

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$300.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
 Machine Specs:
Compound Needle Feed Walking Foot Sewing Machine (Unison Feed), with Big Bobbin, and Reverse Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine with a Big "M" size Bobbin and Rotating Hook, (end loading mechanism), Dial operated stitch length regulator, Reverse feed lever, semi-automatic lubrication and sews up to 7/16" thicknesses. The power stand includes adjustable "T" style steel legs, an ACF-622 Electronic A.C. Servo Motor, thread tree, LED low voltage lamp, drawer and accessories. This is a classic upholstery machine, capable of sewing any material.
  • Walking foot machine with standard interchangeable 111W presser feet.
  • Large rotary hook and "M" size big bobbin.
  • Forward and reverse.
  • Manual lubrication with oil reservoir to lubricate the rotating hook.
  • Extremely quiet and reliable operation.
  • Extremely long maximum stitch length: 2.5 stitches/inch.
  • Needle System:  135x17, sizes 14 - 24.
  • Needle System for Leather: 135x16 TRI, sizes 14 - 24.
  • Uses up to size 207 Thread.
  • Sews up to 7/16" thicknesses.
  • 1797 AB DU-AW - Upholstery
  • 1797 LTHR - Leather
  • 618-1 SC DU-AW - Upholstery
  • 618-1 SC LTHR - Leather