Bissell Firmhorn Sweepers


Similar to items pictured but the Bissell models are red.

Done: " start is half the battle" FIRMHORN offers you innovative however well-founded solutions you will always love to use. Great tool will make you want to do your job. FIRMHORN sweeper is the tool.

Well: FIRMHORN turbo brush system sweeps one spot with three brooms by one pass. Along with special brush positioning for extra lifting capability by easy pushing you will achieve superb sweeping result.

Fast: FIRMHORN sweepers will save your valuable time. By the usual speed of your walk you can effortlessly clean up to 70% faster or cover up to 70% more ground compare to other way of sweeping.


Come rain or shine, FIRMHORN sweeper sweeps it all. Dust, sand, gravel, grit, dirt, soda cans, drink cups, wet or dry leaves and much more indoor out.  Light weight, easy to push tool made for maximum performance with minimum effort. FIRMHORN sweeper does not require any additional manpower. Three brush turbo system sweeps all debris directly into the attached waste bin. 


Do you sweep hard surface or short industrial carpet? "EDGE" is the best sweeper for you! 12V usual size common type batterie is powering all three brushes allowing easy maneuvering and access to tight spots and corners with constantly spinning brushes. Silent, cord-less, safe, light to push and easy to store. This German made industrial sweeping machine is always ready to be used making your place clean fast. Improve productivity and put your money to work!

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