Carpet Pro Model SCBP1 BackPack Vacuum Cleaner

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Carpet Pro Model SCBP1 BackPack Vacuum Cleaner
Efficient, Powerful, Durable,this CarpetPro Backpack comes standard with; 5' hose, 2 piece extension wand, upholstery toll, dust brush, floor brush and rug tool. It has a very strong 11.5 amp, 1400 watt motor which is reasonably quiet at just 71dB. The detachable, 50' cord gives extra long reach and is easily replaceable if necessary. Extra clean air filtered by the 6 quart paper bag, quilted cloth filter bag and HEPA filter is exhausted out  the bottom of the vacuum. Empty weight of this versatile backpack is just 11 lbs. Padded shoulder straps reduce strain on back and shoulders. SCBP1 comes with 10 Paper Bags and FREE Shipping!