Fresh Wave Ostomy Products



Fresh Wave IAQ Ostomy drops work safely and quickly to remove strong ostomy bag odors. Just add 8-10 drops when emptying a pouch or changing to a new one and odors will be removed within seconds.



Fresh Wave IAQ Air and surface spray uses natural ingredients to remove odors from the air, fabrics and other surfaces. Just a few spritzes and odors are quickly and discreetly removed.


Introducing the Fresh Wave IAQ line of Ostomy products, a commercial-grade ostomy odor control solution that is trusted by hospitals and healthcare systems across the country.

Our Ostomy products are branded Fresh Wave IAQ, which is the commercial division of our parent company OMI Industries. But just like the Fresh Wave products you have come to know and trust, our Fresh Wave IAQ Ostomy Drops and Air & Surface Spray are manufactured in the same Rising Sun, IN facility with natural, non-toxic ingredients and are designed to completely remove odors instead of just masking them. They're safe, effective, and free of phthalates, alcohol, and harsh artificial fragrances to help you eliminate ostomy bag odors quickly and safely.