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keep your furry friend, fresh and odor-free


Love your furry friend but not in love with the odors that come along with being a pet owner? From odorless pet bedding and litter box areas to a refreshing stink-free bath, your fav four-legged friend will smell no more. Even if a not-so-friendly encounter with a skunk ensues... fear not! Fresh Wave will remove skunk odors with a mere bath or two. And that definitely does not stink!
keep baby safe, happy and stink-free
From diaper pails to baby spit, up our products remove tough odors while keeping your ‘lil stinker winker safe. How? All of our products are made with natural ingredients like water and plant extracts. Stuff you can pronounce. In fact, Fresh Wave products never contain harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, alcohol or phthalates. And we promise they never will.
help your fav athlete win the fight against odors!


Go ahead and play hard! We’ve got your back with the best natural odor removing products you or your sports star could ever use. Whether it’s stinky cleats, odorous equipment bags, rank gear or (gasp!) smelly uniforms, we’ve got a Fresh Wave product that will trounce powerful odors. Even those soaked in, sweaty, hold-your-nose kind of odors don’t stand a chance... with Fresh Wave, you are always #winning.