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We inventory a collection of Nylon Upholstery Thread Tex 70 375 yd setups @ $5.99 per spool. Gutermann Polyester Tera 40 Tex 75 440 yds Upholstery Thread @ $5.99 per spool. We stock Coats Tex 70 150 yds Xtra Strong Nylon Upholstery S964 Thread @ $2.99 per spool. Nylon upholstery thread is also available in 1 pound and half pound setups. Needles for all systems and sizes available on demand.


Leather Craft Sewing Stitching Waxed Thread DIY 284YD 150D Polyester String Cord now available!

We stock an entire collection of Mettler Silk Finish 50 cotton 164yd @ $3.00 each. Our collection includes a display containing Mettler Metrosene 30 wt Top Stitching thread, 54 colors of article 9146 30wt (Heavy Wt) Cordonnet Thread. Our Mettler Cotton Multi-Color display contains 24 colors of article 9075 Small Spools (109yds each) and 8 colors of article 9085 (500yds each).

We stock an entire assortment of Maxi-Lock Serger colors. Check out our YLI Wooly nylon, a must have for any serger project.