MC8900 IVORY: SUNHEAT Best Zero Gravity Whole Body Leather Massage Chair

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MC8900 10002001
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The Zero Gravity Whole Body Leather Massage Chair by SUNHEAT is designed to give you the most comfortable and best feeling massage a chair can give you. Stress and pain are two things we can do without, and the massage chair is your solution to those problems, and many more. This chair has a 2 stage zero gravity feature that leans you back to a 118 degree recline for the ultimate feeling of zero gravity. Not only can you experience massages simulating Shiatsu, kneading, tapping, stroking, rolling, and more, but you will also enjoy the carbon-fiber infrared heating therapy. All of this can be controlled at your fingertips with a remote. Along with enjoying the massage features, listen to your favorite music through built in speakers connected by Bluetooth or a MP3 Aux Connection. All models come with a three year warranty.


  • Enjoy total relaxation and freedom from stress
  • Blood vessels and lymphatic (immune system) vessels improve to eliminate toxins from your body while lowering blood pressure
  • Relax stiff, tight and sore muscles with fewer muscle spasms and knots
  • Increased blood flow provides more oxygenated blood to your whole body allowing injuries to heal sooner
  • Improve flexibility and balance
  • Improve breathing by loosening tight muscles around the ribs
  • Increase endorphins, the “feel good” brain mechanism providing pain relief
  • Better posture and less back and neck pain from tight muscles
  • Helps with degenerative arthritis by reducing or eliminating abnormal pressure on bones, ligaments, tendons, and tissue
  • Overall increase in your sense of well-being
  • Industry Leading Features:
  • 2 stage zero gravity massage chair
  •  Computerized complete body scan
  •  Soft 3D four roller massage system from the neck to the lower back
  •  LCD controller and HMI guideline
  •  Carbon-fiber heating therapy
  •  Most advanced airbag massage system design
  •  Build-in arm and hand air massage
  •  Pelvic and thigh air massage
  •  Shiatsu, kneading, tapping, stroking, rolling, and more
  •  Roller and air massage on feet and calves
  •  Eight auto programs, four manual preset programs and hundreds of manual combination programs
  •  Rollers and airbag intensity can be manually adjusted
  •  Play your music through built in speakers connected by Bluetooth or MP3 Aux Connection
  •  3 Year factory warranty