Miele FashionMaster B3847 - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Miele advanced ironing system will save time and improve results.​

Standard Features:
  • 3.5 Bar Steam Pressure
  • Honeycomb Soleplate
  • In-Board Fan with Auto On and Off Function
  • 1-2-Lift-System
  • Infinite Height Adjustment
  • Auto-Off
  • Automatic Descaling
Additional Features on B3847:
  • 4 Bar Steam Pressure
  • In-Board fan with Two Speed Settings
  • Premium Ironing table Cover
  • Handheld Steamer Attachment

Honeycomb structure soleplate


It already ensures outstanding gentle treatment of laundry in washing machines and tumble dryers: the patented honeycomb drum. The same principle is also applied to the FashionMaster, making a fine difference compared with other systems. The unique honeycomb soleplate1 achieves best ironing results combined with gentle fabric care.Unlike conventional hand irons, the steam is distributed quickly and evenly along the channels between the hexagons across the entire soleplate. This creates a film of steam which allows the hand iron to glide effortlessly, but at the same time effectively, over the textile.

The steam makes the difference:

With up to 4 bar steam pressure and constant steam volume of 100 g/min, you can achieve professional ironing results with FashionMaster. The dry steam penetrates even the thickest material and consequently reduces ironing time. You decide whether to work with bursts of steam or continuous steam by pressing the steam button on the iron.

Inflation function

Gentler fabric care:

For everything that is to be smoothed but not flattened, the FashionMaster ironing board offers a blower function. The fan creates an air pocket between the garment and the ironing table so that frills, cashmere, etc. keep their shape. This also helps to prevent seam impressions.

Suction function for perfect smoothing

The extraction function built into the ironing board ensures deep penetration of the clothing with steam and reduces the formation of condensate. Another effect: the textiles are secured on the ironing board and remain fixed in position during ironing.

Active ironing table

Convenience functions for easier ironing:

The ironing system actively assists your ironing process with three intelligent functions. The inflation function ensures particularly gentle smoothing; the suction function makes the steam more intense. The steam button on the iron starts the inflation or suction function on the ironing board and turns it off automatically when you take a break from ironing. The memory function stores the last setting and activates it when steam is used again.


Easy to handle. Hanging garments such as dresses, jackets, and curtains are gently smoothed and brought back to life. This attachment can be used when the active ironing table is closed.
*Available for the B3847 model.