Miele Quickstep Vacuum

Available while supply lasts. Demo and display models only.

The Miele S1 Quickstep is powerhouse vacuum cleaner, not just a "stick vac". It's compact size and it's versatile design make it a favorite for their owners. Many owners use them for hard surfaces only but when coupled with an SEB 228 or SEB236 Powerbrush, the Quickstep can clean as effectively as any full sized upright. This unit is no new comer to the vacuum scene. It's been made the same way since 1982. Another "Tried and True" Miele product. The handle and floor tool may be removed and a hose can be added providing utility for dusting, cleaning ceilings, drapes, auto interiors and other applications where a canister vacuum with a hose is needed. The Miele Quickstep is in a category of it's own.


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