NSV Miele Dynamic Duos

Napa Sew & Vac has bundled 2 Miele Vacuum units that compliment each other, providing the ultimate vacuum collection for cleaning your home from top to bottom, inside and out! The mid 1950's introduced wall to wall carpets and many customers switched to upright vacs. As time wore on, the upright became the preferred vacuum style capturing 80% of the vacuum sales. Since the turn of the century, we've seen the floor covering scene swing the other way. Old home owners with hardwood floors were ripping up carpet to restore the original hardwood planks. Today, both are featured floor coverings for a variety of aesthetic and utility reasons. Those of us growing up with uprights have our reasons for preferring them. New users have chosen canister vacuums equipped with PowerBrushes, a one vac solution for all floor covering maintenance and utility dusting jobs. The Dynamic Duo is Napa Sew & Vac's solution for modern whole house cleaning.

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