Pet Grooming Shears

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Shop the largest selection of scissors in Northern California. Our Scissors are on hand for you to touch, feel and test. NS&V is the largest importer of Quality Styling Scissors in the state. Buying direct from the manufacturing source will save you money on every scissor style. NS&V brand has an unconditional money back guarantee for one full year! NS&V has a full service scissor maintenance and sharpening service in our store. This is a top quality scissor collection made from Japanese Steel produced in our own production house in Pakistan.

HRC refers to the steel hardness. The higher Rockwell rating produces a harder steel and a longer lasting edge. 420c scissors are hollow ground with Razor edge & 50-52 HRc. 440c scissors are hollow ground with convex edge HR  59-61 HRc. The "c" means this rating is certified.

NS&V Pet Grooming scissors are manufactured with a flat blade and enjoy a Rockwell rating of 54-55 HRC.