Our mission is to deliver superior quality products and services enabling our customers to realize the value of doing business with an Independent Dealer.

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Sewing Tips

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"Tips" is a chronicle of compiled issues confronted during the course of my 40 year career in the sewing industry. These problems occur around the world and each customer will find a story describing their experience herein. This is a work in progress. Please contribute. Sewing machine customers call daily seeking solutions to problems and wanting pricing information for repair service. In some cases, re-threading the machine may solve the problem. The instruction book may not provide a detailed explanation for threading so we have attempted to provide one. The concepts are universal. Let us know if it helps!

Russell Moore, Napa Sew & Vac Owner
  • Sewing Machine Tune-ups
  • Know Your Sewing Machine Needles
  • Inserting the Needle
  • Sewing Machine Needle Systems
  • Threading Your Sewing Machine
  • Why threading is a problem?

Vac Tips

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Vac Tips are generated from customer questions and are intended for staff training and customer reference material. We welcome your questions and topic proposals. Please submit your topics and question using the contact button. We want to share this information.

By Russell Moore
  • Why a New Vacuum May Clog...
  • Vacuum Cleaner or Vacuum Dirtier?
  • Vacuum Cleaner Tune-Ups
  • The Cost of Vacuum Cleaner Repair - ?
  • Change your vacuum belt?
  • Bags or Bagless??
  • HEPA Vacuum Cleaners!
  • What is a HEPA Filter?
  • Turbo Tools - How effective are they?


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Our mission is to deliver superior quality products and services enabling our customers to realize the value of doing business with an Independent Dealer. Retail business has always been an important ingredient for our success and has enabled us to thrive in this forever changing landscape of merchandising and sales. Our objectives include providing warranty support, repair services and product training for customers purchasing our products. Our website is developed for shoppers and information. We offer many items online not in stock at our Napa Store. We can compete with any giant internet business. Our WebStore was built for customers in our community needing the convenience of online shopping yet wanting to support our business.

Thanks to Larry and Irene Bruning, Sam Gordon, Mom and Dad, Danny and Betty, Tony and Carolyn, and some other friends and relatives, I was able to make my dream come true. My Business. I opened NS&V February 1st, 1979. The 4 years of experience with the Singer Company proved crucial to my success. I was driven by a desire to offer superior products and service. Customers were asking questions and I was adding names to my roll-a-dex, mining industry leaders for answers and solutions to problems. My roll-a-dex grew, my business flourished.

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