Wooly Ceiling Fan Dusters


Introducing Wool Shop's newest, most exciting, ceiling fan duster to our family's Premium Duster Collection. Made using all-natural lambswool, the duster cylinders thoroughly clean the top and bottom fan blades in one swipe. The duster and frame hold the fan blade securely to keep the fan from spinning. The telescopic pole makes this set perfect for reaching ceilings.

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Cleaning Instructions: The Wool Dusting Cylinders can be quickly and easily cleaned by vacuuming the dust from the wool using a vacuum hose nozzle. However, if cylinders become excessively soiled simply hand-wash in cool water with Wool Shop Duster Shampoo or a mild dishwashing liquid. Lather shampoo into wool and thoroughly rinse. Squeeze out excess water and allow to air dry. Once dry, fluff the wool with the Duster Care Brush or pet comb. Please note: Wool Dusting Cylinders ARE NOT recommended to soak in water while washing.Quick & Easy to Use: Slowly slide the Ceiling Fan Duster over the ceiling fan blade. If wool becomes excessively soiled simply give each roller a quarter turn to reveal a clean dusting surface. Repeat process until the blade is thoroughly cleaned. Please note: If fan blades have not been cleaned for an extended length of time a different cleaning method may be initially needed to remove stubborn dirt and grime. Telescoping handle adjusts 5' - 10'.

After a time the Wool Dusting Cylinders will need to be replaced with new, clean cylinders. Order the Ceiling Fan Duster Refill to make your Ceiling Fan Duster like new.