Miele Rotary Iron

Shorter ironing times, more time for yourself! You can smooth very different textiles and laundry items conveniently using Miele rotary ironers faster and easier than with any steam iron. Depending on the laundry type, you need 30 to 50% less time than when ironing by hand. This allows you to gain time for the nicer things in life. 

Our effective means against creases and wrinkles: Do you think that rotary ironers are old fashioned and inconvenient? If this is the case, then you have never worked with a rotary ironer from Miele. It will not take long for the benefits to convince you otherwise. Ironing has never been faster or more convenient. You can save yourself a lot of work compared to using a conventional iron ... and up to 50% time. And you also don’t need to send your laundry out for ironing. Discover the Miele rotary ironers for relaxed laundry management.

  - Ironing Sitting Down

The relaxed method of ironing: Effortless ironing while seated. Movement of the roller is triggered by a smooth-running foot switch; the heater plate is lowered onto the garment and applies pressure. An ergonomic seated position reduces strain on your back and keeps both hands free. Miele market research surveyed our customers and discovered that 95% of all buyers of a Miele rotary ironer are satisfied to very satisfied.

  - Space-Saving Storage

Folding mechanism makes storage easy: After use, a convenient folding mechanism ensures space-saving storage. Folded-up, the rotary iron's compact footprint allows for storage in closets or laundry areas. Thanks to four stable castors, the rotary ironer is easy to transport.

  - Free, Unsupported Roller End

Convenient handling: The all-round free roller end simplifies ironing of difficult garments such as skirts or shirts.

  - Temperature Selection to Suit Textiles

3 heating elements for optimum heat distribution: Heating power can be set in accordance with the care label in the textiles, which means that the fibers are treated gently. The heat is distributed optimally over the complete area thanks to the three heating elements. This ensures optimum ironing results. 

  - Large Storage Space

Lots of room for freshly ironed laundry: After ironing, the laundry falls down in loose pleats in the large storage space - free of creases.