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How the Sewing Machine Changed Daily Life | The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation

The Secret Life of the Sewing Machine - Remastered

Remastered and upscaled by Norman Margolus from a 1987 PAL tape made directly from the 16mm print, using machine learning software from Topaz labs. Commentary added in Feb 2021. I apologize for the intrusive adverts on the new versions. I am unable to remove them and don't receive any of the income. Youtube automatically detects the copyrighted theme music and posts the adverts to pay the copyright holder, in this case the multinational company, The Universal music Group. View all 6 episodes of the series and read about their background on my website: The videos are also here @

How does a sewing machine work?

How to Make a Hoodie - Sewing from Scratch - Tock Custom - How to use a Sewing Machine

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In this video, I'll show you step by step how to make your very own custom hoodie! Machines used: General sewing: Brother ST150HDH: Embroidery: Brother PE-800 Overlock Machine: Singer Pro-Finish Pattern Used: Burda 7734 Cutting Tools by Famore' Cutlery: You can support Tock Custom through Patreon here: Check out my shop and other tutorial videos at I forgot to mention that this is 3 yards of Blizzard Fleece Material, and there are THOUSANDS of different colors and designs of fabrics to choose from :) I know this video is very long, but I wanted to be thorough to help beginners learn how to make a very clean garment from scratch. There aren't a lot of videos on how to make hoodies, so I hope you enjoy this! Making purchases through these links helps to support Tock Custom through various affiliate and partnership programs. I appreciate your support, and I'm happy to make recommendations based on what I've found helpful with my sewing projects. Thanks for watching!