Lambs Wool Floor Care

Dust Mop

Our floor mops are specially-made of thousands of super-soft, dust-grabbing lambswool fibers to naturally attract and hold dust like a magnet. Wonderful for dusting hardwood floors, tile entryways, vinyl kitchen floors, and even walls and ceilings. Carefully sewn using durable, high-tensile thread and strong stitching to assure maximum durability and longevity. Our lambswool dust mops are to be used dry and not as a wet mop.

Easy to Clean: When the wool becomes matted with cobwebs or general dust, simply shake the head or comb with our Wool Shop Duster Care Brush to release dust and fluff the fibers. DO NOT wash the wool head until it becomes extremely dirty. Remove the mop head from the frame. In the sink, add a few drops of Wool Shop Duster Shampoo to cool water. HAND WASH the mop head. Spin dry in the washing machine but DO NOT DRY THE HEAD IN THE DRYER! Put the head back onto the frame. Hang to dry, out of the sun, then comb to fluff when dry.