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Note: These last two pics: 
Several days ago the clouds near Bennett Valley were spectacular. Late in the afternoon, the billowing thunderheads bloomed forth as the blustery winds spread the falling rain on Annadale and Hood Mountain. Later in the evening, swirling clouds erupted from the southern Santa Rosa region flowing to the east in an amazing arc of texture and color beneath which lies the beautiful verdant hills and valleys of our beloved area. So grateful… gotta love this county , our wonderful Sonoma County .
"In the upcoming months we will once again be treated to the beauty of ripening grapes on the vine. From multicolored , variegated leaves, to plump fruit that’s spans the spectrum of color from violet, to mauve, to plum … the twisted wooden base tells the story of old growth that has endured on hillsides to yield a harvest of plenty that will provide a drink that has been equated to the nectar of the gods. Our countryside is blessed with this beauty, and I, as a photographer am grateful for the opportunity to photography the bounty as it evolves."
As the sky slowly brightened with golden rays of sunshine, the glowing rays crept over Sonoma mountain piercing the tree line with elongated shadows… meanwhile , the fan shaped array of clouds burst forth above Bennett Valley below which sat golden mountain tops and slumbering remnants of the mornings’ foggy intrusion. So grateful for the beautiful area that surrounds us. 
Jim Codington  Bennett Valley
I love looking out from our deck northward, towards Taylor mountain and Annadel… watching the shifting clouds as they dance with the last shafts of the evening light. Green-covered hills and vistas beyond compare greet the Sonoma county visitor if one is intrepid and explores the beauty of its rural expanses. Looking forward to the verdant hills and magnificent skies that greet us in the late fall. So grateful.