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Our mission is to deliver superior quality products and services enabling our customers to realize the value of doing business with an Independent Dealer. Retail business has always been an important ingredient for our success and has enabled us to thrive in this forever changing landscape of merchandising and sales. Our objectives include providing warranty support, repair services and product training for customers purchasing our products. Our website is developed for shoppers and information. We offer many items online not in stock at our Napa Store. We can compete with any giant internet business. Our WebStore was built for customers in our community needing the convenience of online shopping yet wanting to support our business.​​
My name is Russell Moore. I was born in Napa July 16, 1948 at Parks Victory Hospital on Jefferson Street. In 1975, just after completing my military obligation with the US Army, I started my career as an outside salesman with Singer, at Randolph and First, in Napa. I transferred to the Concord Sun Valley Singer store where I became acquainted with fabrics, merchandising and sales. I finished my Singer career working as the Walnut Creek store manager in January 1st, 1979.
(Picture taken at Villa Corona, May 2014)
Thanks to Larry and Irene Bruning, Sam Gordon, Mom and Dad, Danny and Betty, Tony and Carolyn, and some other friends and relatives, I was able to make my dream come true. My Business. I opened NS&V February 1st, 1979. The 4 years of experience with the Singer Company proved crucial to my success. I was driven by a desire to offer superior products and service. Customers were asking questions and I was adding names to my roll-a-dex, mining industry leaders for answers and solutions to problems. My roll-a-dex grew, my business flourished.
Today the theme continues. We constantly review new innovations and select new products and brands. We study independent research and perform our own test.  Our service department is the backbone of our research. Here we see every product available, where they succeed and where they fail. Our intention is to choose from the numerous brands and models available and supply the best choices to meet each customer's need. Some of our customers rely on our advise and we respectfully try to earn it.
We stock Commercial and Industrial Heavy Duty Sewing Machines for the Professional and Cottage industry customer. We supply needles, parts, presser feet and accessories. We provide repair and maintenance services on site and in the store.
We have access to carpet cleaning equipment of every description, household and commercial. Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Machines and product are available for sale and for rent. If we don't have it, we can get it.
In 1985, NS&V was the first California dealer to launch Miele Vacuum sales. We became the first distributor on the west coast and opened the first 15 dealers in Northern California. We are currently one of the few Diamond Dealers in Northern California.  We were first to introduce cordless phones in 1981 and first with vapor cleaning systems in 1991. August 15th, 2015 we introduced the CoolZone Ultrasonic Mister Fan with Bluetooth and Speakers. NS&V has the Scalloping Shears you've been wanting for only $39.95.
Our business supports it's sales with a knowledgeable sales staff, an experienced repair department, a generous inventory and a money back guarantee. Our staff have a compiled 100 years of experience in the sewing and vacuum industry: Leo Slattery, David Rowan, Sergio Cohen and Steve Bearden (store manager). Sergio Se Habla Espanol. Our goal is to deliver more quality products so our customers can realize the benefits and value of doing business with a local independent dealer.
We can obtain financing for those needing extended terms and we have house accounts for local businesses, schools, city and county offices, hospitals and individuals needing the convenience of 30 day net accounts.
The beauty of being an Independent Dealer is in the freedom we can exercise. When I was a Singer store manager, I had only Singer. As I worked with my Singer customers, I learned about other great products. As an Independent Dealer we are not connected at the hip with any Manufacturer. Selling one brand exclusively sounds great in theory: One product, one distributor, less inventory, less knowledge needed to operate. Unfortunately, the reality is "less business" and less opportunity. We work closely with our distributors to provide repair parts and services required to accommodate the machine inventory in our community. 
March 1st, 2019 marked our 40th year in business. I am fortunate to receive Alignable's 2018 Businessperson of the Year award at the same moment in my business career. I'm thrilled and humbled by this recognition. Jennifer Huffman, writer for the Napa Register posted a great article recognizing this landmark year. 
Here it is! Register Article 
Thank You For 37 Years!
Thanks for Supporting Us These 41 Years! "We've Got It All Sewn Up!"
An Independent Sewing Machine and Vacuum Dealer has a responsibility to be knowledgeable about most products offered in our industry. Napa Sew & Vac stocks a variety of brands and models enabling us to provide a product for most shoppers looking for a new machine. It our intention to inventory the best value in each product price point. It's our job to provide the information needed to make an educated buying decision. Knowing the operator, their budget and the customer's specific applications will produce a foundation for producing the best options. Subsequently, our customer is able to recognize their choices and invest wisely in the best product that meets their needs.
Our responsibility is to provide customers with information and options regarding product features and applications so they can best choose the model that meets their needs. We're happy to advise customers and we're confident our choice will satisfy their service requirements.
The Vacuum and Sewing Machine industry is a vibrant and exciting business. Napa Sew & Vac has been a member of the Vacuum Dealer Trade Association since 1979. The Association provides Dealer opportunities for education and growth. After all these years, I'm still learning how to better provide products and services for our community.
I've been doing this since 1975. Manufacturers have always used dealers to introduce new products. Dealers build product value and create higher margins. Ultimately those same products would be offered by department stores at a lower price. We created value so the department store could deliver at a lower price. Margins erode and volume increases. We had coop advertising and would run display ads in our local newspapers. Macy's would break national coop ads and I always got traffic from national advertising. Dealers always took responsibility for warranty servicing and repairs. Our opportunity is based on our ability to step up service revenue, upsell into more profitable products and establish a relationship with our traffic. In our industry and many others, service has always been the pathway to sales.
Miele is well aware of this distribution process and values the dealer's role. Good Manufacturers understand that repairs and service are important to support their brand. Product distribution has evolved but that doesn't diminish the dealers role. The vacuum and sewing industry is still a place where a good proprietor can flourish. I was the first Miele dealer in Northern California, other than Bill Minford in Palo Alto. My company, Carpet King Industries spearheaded by Drew Cox, was responsible for setting up the first 15 Miele dealers in Northern California. Over the years, Dealers embraced Miele and today Miele is the most distinguished and sought after dealership in the world.
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