Austin Air F400 Black Large Pre-Filter

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Austin Air Pre-Filter for HM-400: Black Large Pre-Filter 

The Austin F400-Black is the correct replacement for the following systems:

  • Austin HealthMate Air Purifier Series
  • Austin HealthMate Plus Air Purifier Series
  • Austin Allergy Machine Air Purifier Series
  • Austin Bedroom Machine Air Purifier Series
  • Austin Pet Machine Air Purifier Series

The Austin Air F400-Black Large Pre-Filter Replacement helps to remove particles such as hair, dust and pet dander. Also known as product number F400A, this pre-filter comes in a black finish, but is also available in a white tone to blend in with your Austin Air Purifier.

Austin Air Purifier Pre-Filter Specifications:

  • Black Finish
  • Easy-to-replace
  • Saves money and time
  • Part F400A or F400-Black
  • Also available in a white finish
  • Extends the life of the main HEPA filter
  • Compatible with all standard size Austin Air Purifier Systems

The Austin F400 Black Pre-Filter is easy to replace and is placed outside of the HEPA Filter to protect the unit and extend the life of the main filter. This pre-filter is compatible with all standard size Austin Air Purifier Systems. The Austin Permafelt Pre-Filter is a specialized filter that offers unparalleled performance to optimize the operation of your air purifier.

Genuine Austin Air Permafilt Replacement Pre-Filter (F400) replaces the pre-filter that comes with Austin Air standard-size air purifiers. Long-life pre-filter captures large-sized particles, like dust, hair, soot and pet dander that can easily be seen with the eye during the first stage of Austin Air's multi-stage filtration process. In performing this role, the pre-filter helps to prolong the life of the inner filters, especially the HEPA filter. Pre-Filter lasts for years under normal operating conditions and with regular care.  Package contains one (1) Permafilt Pre-Filter.

Because it can be seen through the air cleaner's grille, choose the Black pre-filter for Black-Silver-Blue units or the White pre-filter for Sandstone-White units.

Austin Air Filter replacements are subject to Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP).


  • Austin Air Permafilt Pre-Filter (F400) captures large particles, like dust, hair, soot and pet dander
  • Protects life of HEPA and other inner filters
  • Lasts for years with proper care, under normal conditions
  • Designed to be vacuumed from outside of unit to avoid costly 3-month filter changes
  • Fits all standard-size Austin Air purifiers:
    • Allergy Machine (HM405)
    • Bedroom Machine (HM402)
    • HealthMate (HM400)
    • HealthMate Plus (HM450)
    • Pet Machine (HM410)
  • Austin Air Pre-Filter for HM-400, Allergy Machine+ HM 400 HealthMate Air Filter Color: White
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