Genuine Miele Dryer Filter BG

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Genuine German Miele Dryer Filter Replacement, Foam Filter Replacement Miele T1 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer Lint Filter Parts (each).

  • The 9164761 dryer base foam filter is used for German Miele T1 series TMB540WP TKS850WP TKG840WP TKS650WP TKB150WP TKG450WP TCJ680WP TCE520WP and other models of condensing dryer lint filter heat pump tumble dryer washer and dryer filter replacement.
  • Double layer protection: the filter consists of thick foam and thin foam double layer, fine sponge filter for filtering small particles, coarse sponge filter for filtering coarse lint, double filtration to protect your dryer from filter clogging caused by overheating and costly machine damage.
  • High-quality materials: this double foam sponge filter pad is made of high-quality durable foam material, collect dust and debris can be rinsed with water for quick care after completely air-drying continue to cycle, to achieve the best drying performance, so that the dryer silent and efficient operation.
  • Product Size: Length: 8.14 inches/207 mm, Width: 6.18 inches/157 mm, Height: 1.18 inches/30 mm, Black, perfect for dryer heat exchanger tank.
  • Warm tip: It is recommended to replace the dryer base foam filter every 2-3 months to ensure optimal performance and prevent excessive lint buildup. (Delivery may produce minor deformation of the product, please use a hair dryer to quickly restore its shape or faucet rinse. Air dry after rinse for approximately 3 hours).
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Gross weight per units: 0.038 kilogramme
Packaging size:
210mm x 160mm x 30mm
EAN: 4002515476598