Host Freestyle® Dry Extration Carpet Cleaning Machine

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Host Freestyle® Dry Extration Carpet Cleaning Machine

The choice of professional cleaners worldwide, the Freestyle is a versatile carpet-cleaning machine for residential and commercial settings. The Freestyle cleans, vacuums, lifts pile, cleans spots, and traffic areas, and performs deep cleaning maintenance with this one machine using HOST® Dry Carpet Cleaner. The counter-rotating brushes lifts carpet pile to revive matted traffic lanes and remove soil from the carpet fibers. Machine design helps get into corners that other machines can't reach. The detachable vacuum pod makes cleaning stairs easy. It can also clean under desks, workstations, and tables. Excellent for cleaning grouted tile and textured floors too!


The Freestyle pile lifts and vacuums, works in pre-spray, cleans and extracts HOST products from carpet and textured and tile floors.  Its counter-rotating brushes do the work for you.  Use it in homes or offices to deep clean wall-to-wall, or use it for maintenance cleaning to knock out those traffic areas and spots.

Versatile counter-rotating brush machine for dry extraction, power vacuuming, and pile lifting

  • Excellent for carpet, grouted tile, and textured floors 

  • For maintenance OR deep extraction

  • Saves energy, water, and time

  • Greater soil removal than conventional vacuums 

  • Detachable vacuum pod and handle for cleaning stairs