KAI 5210L: 8" True Left Handed Shears

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$6.50 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

The Kai 5210L TRUE Left Handed, 8-inch scissor has ergonomically soft handles which allow fatigue-free cutting on all types of fabric. Additionally, because of its soft handles and hardened stainless steel blades, the 5210L can cut through multiple layers of denim with ease while trimming cottons without any fabric slippage.  

The Kai 5210L True Left Handed scissor features both a left handed grip and left handed blades.  This allows ease of use with your left hand, while also allowing you to see precisely where you are cutting.  This differs from many left-handed scissors, like the Kai 5220L, where the blades are still right-handed blades but with a left-handed handle.