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Napa Sew & Vac boasts the best scissor collection in Northern California. We inventory a sampling of Fabric, Fabric, Leather, Barber, Styling, and Grooming scissors. We supply scissors at competitive pricing with quantity discounts. Napa Sew & Vac is a full-service scissor supplier complete with sharpening services. Choose from a variety of brands: Kai, Gingher, Wiss, Mundial, Fiskar, Horn, Tooltron, Ergonomix, Wolff, OOKAMI, Mundial, Hira-To, and other leading brands.

We use the finest scissor sharpening methods and can recondition the edge on most scissors @ $7.50 per pair. Ginger Knife edge scissors sharpened @ $10 per pair. Hair Styling Scissors are sharpened with an 800-grit diamond wheel @ $10 per pair. We also sharpen knives @ $5.00 per blade. We recommend shipping serrated scissors and blades to the manufacturer for reconditioning.

If you're shipping your scissors or knives, include $15 for return priority mail and provide:

Ship to: Napa Sew & Vac, 2477 Solano Ave, Napa, CA 94558

sharpening-coupon-7.50-350x350.pngsharpening-coupon-10-311x350.pngsharpening-coupon-knives-306x350.pngsharpening-shears-coupon-with-url-cropped.pngtapered-shaft-bumper.pngWe can replace the bumpers!bee-sharp-logo-450x250.png

The Tapered Shaft Bumper is the most used repair part in the sharpener’s “tool box”. The size (S, M, L) refers to the height and diameter of the bumper head.
The tapered shaft is designed to fit into the greater majority of bumper holes whether tapped for threaded bumpers or smooth for “pull-through” bumpers. Because of the tapered shaft, glue isn’t typically necessary when installing these bumpers. However, for added security, I have trimmed the excess shaft slightly long inside the grip and then melted the remainder to form a flattened “head” like a blind rivet head. In the picture is a Small Tapered Shaft Bumper installed into a very tall bumper stand on the thumb grip.