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No matter how much you clean there's always more to do. The Pogo Cordless Electric Mop is a convenient, effective and efficient floor care cleaning system. Pogo outperforms other mopping methods. Pogo is useful for spot cleaning carpets, mopping spills and general hard floor cleaning maintenance. Households and businesses will enjoy higher appearance levels and the time saving benefits. Visit my website to learn more about The Pogo Mop Cleaning System:
Hello Pogo Mop Company:
"I am writing you my testimonial on your mop, because I am so amazed at how well this thing works.  I don’t normally write these, but can’t help myself. I went to my local cleaning supply store to buy a broom. I stopped by the floor cleaners they had on display. I could not believe my eyes when I saw this simple mop and the price. I tried it in the store, and decided to buy myself a present.
You see, I have a week back, and cleaning the floor is just not my thing, because my back always goes out. I will vacuum the floor, but washing it very difficult for me. I had purchased in the past one of the steamer type mops, but it took so long to complete the task over an hour or more and so that steamer mop does not get used and it sits in the garage collecting dust. It is not worth the time it takes
I could not wait to try my new POGO mop, and as soon as I went home, I got busy. I can’t believe how effortless it is, no bending, no scrubbing on my part, just wet that pad and go. I have a small house and about 1K feet of tile flooring, I was done with washing that floor in less than half hour, maybe it was 20 minutes. Since it is cordless and works on the battery that you can recharge, you just turn it on and the thing just goes. I bought the Pogo mop with orange battery and it came with a charge, and still had lots of charge left when I was done, but I charged it up full for next time. 
I was astonished with the ease of use, and how clean my floors came out so clean. I had to call you, and have you explain this engineering marvel secret and how it works, because I needed to understand how it cleaned so well and I did not even work up a sweat. 
The ease of use is incredible. I washed my floors again the following week, and will continue to so each week. 
I am embarrassed to say, prior to getting this mop, I did not wash my floors. We vacuumed but not washed. My husband, he didn’t wash them either, he gave up after how long that steamer mop took. We just did not have the time or energy, we both work so hard.
At first, I could not believe I spent that money, but I am so glad I did.  
Thank you for making an amazing product, worth every bit.
PS:  the pads that come with the machine are amazing, thick and washable. I'm just so happy with my POGO Mop!

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