HealthMate Junior Units

Austin Air now offers "Junior" versions of the HealthMate Series. These units were designed specifically for smaller spaces such as nurseries, small bedrooms, home offices, bathrooms, and small apartments. The HealthMate Junior and the HealthMate Plus Junior use the same type of filter material (HEPA/carbon/zeolite), however, they are nearly half the size of the standard units making them a convenient option for those living in small apartments or wanting cleaner air in smaller environments.  

Prevent illnesses: Healthmate Air Purifiers will clean the air you breathe. Stay healthy by cleaning airborne allergens, bacteria and viruses from your living space by scrubbing the air continuously with a new HealthMate Air Purification system.

Austin Air Portable Air Purification Equipment - Austin manufactures their products, both filters and machines, in Buffalo NY. Made in the USA!

HealthMate Junior Units - Will cleanse the air for areas up to 700 sq ft.


Important features of all products: ! Solid steel construction ! Powder-coated paint ! Energy saving PSC motor ! Engineered airflow creating the clean air pocket™ ! 30-Day money back guarantee ! 5-Year warranty on all parts and labor* ! 5-Year pro-rated filter guarantee* *See Owner’s Manual for details.


Who should consider the HealthMate Junior Plus®?

Health Benefits 

Why is the HealthMate Junior Plus® the best choice for me?