KAI 5230T: 9" Bent Handle Teflon Coated Scissor

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$9.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

The Kai 5230T, 9-inch bent handle scissor has a special Teflon™coating that has been bonded to the stainless steel blade.  This coating makes these shears ideal for applications where a non-stick surface is desired, such as in cutting adhesives.

Additionally, the Kai 5230T features a tailoring bend along the handle.  This reduces the pressure on the thumb, providing a more natural, efficient, and fatigue-free method for cutting away material.  

As with all of our Kai 5000 Series scissors, the Kai 5230's are made of a hardened stainless steel.  The smooth, sharp blades gives these Kai scissors an amazing smoothness in cut and feel.