KAI 7240-AS: 10" Serrated Professional Shears for Aramid Fabrics

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The Kai 7240-AS scissor is ideal for aramid fabrics.  This category of difficult fabrics has given rise to the high quality Kai 7240AS.  With it's serrated blade and high carbon, hardened stainless steel blades, fabrics like Kevlar®, Nomex®, Carbon-Fiber,  Dyneema®, Spectra®, Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, and Fire Resistant Fabrics are easily cut.  So, whether you are cutting industrial fabrics to light satin's, the Kai 7240AS is the right tool for the job.

The 7000 series scissors, including the 7240AS, are made of a high carbon, hardened stainless steel.  The addition of carbon allows for a steeper cutting angle, giving the scissor a sharper, finer edge.  The carbon allows the finer edge to last longer.  This gives the 7000 series a better ability to cut thicker fabrics and allow for easier use.