Pogo Classic Plus

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pogo classic plus
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The Pogo Classic Plus gets you started and saves you money. Free Shipping in the continental USA. cost my vary depending on shipping address in Hawaii and Alaska.

  • Pogo Classic Plus Cordless Electric Mop with side handle, wall hanger, 6 mop pads, 2 orange 2/hour Mega batteries with charger plus a matching Pogo Mop Tray @ $39.95 value!

The Pogo Classic Cordless Electric Mop the most convenient, effective, efficient and completely reliable floor care cleaning system available. Pogo outperforms all other mopping methods. Pogo is useful for spot cleaning carpets, mopping spills and general hard floor cleaning maintenance. Households and businesses will enjoy higher appearance levels and time saving benefits.

  • Tankless System: Pogo’s Super-Heavy Duty mop heads hold over 17 ounces of fluid.

  • Patented Forward-Drive Action operates at 4000 RPM allowing you to push the mop effortlessly while still getting effective deep cleaning performance. 

  • Lithium Battery-Powered Motor utilizes advanced battery technology which increases run time that is 3 times longer!

  • Efficient cleaning footprint enables the operator to clean between and under furniture easily. there's no need for machine cleaning. Remove the mop pads and throw them in the laundry. One simple ON / OFF switch!

  • Includes two rechargeable removable Lithium Orange Mega Battery, machine wall hanger, battery charger and 6 mop pads.

  • Rechargeable removable batteries enables the operator to extend operating time by using multiple batteries.

  • A dead battery takes about 9 hours to fully recharge. However, you can get an 80% charge in about 3.5 hours.

Patented Forward-Drive Action: 4000 RPM (4X the competition) This revolutionary cordless, monster-power mop utilizes Cymatic frequency to maximize absorption. Giving any surface including tile, cement, carpet, or any other porous or non-porous surface the kind of deep-clean never before accomplished in the history of mop cleaning!  

Warranty is one year parts and labor.

Package size: 39.25 x 15.75 x 8 inches

Ship Weight: 17.5 lbs


Batteries: 2 Lithium ion Orange Mega Battery included.