Reliant® Dry Extration Carpet Cleaning Machine

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#T5 Reliant®

Excellent starter machine designed for commercial or residential use. Has counter-rotating brushes for deep cleaning and pile lifting. Can be used on stairs and around furniture and workstations. Comes with easy on, easy off storage caddy. Can be upgraded to have all the features of the Freestyle®. Excellent for cleaning grouted tile and textured floors too.


  • Ergonomically designed drive on, drive off caddy
  • Powerful counter-rotating brushes pile lifts and revives flattened, matted carpet
  • Cleans up to 970 square feet per hour (90 square meters)
  • Use before vacuuming to get superior results, use to work in pre-spray, or use with HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner
  • Handle is removable for stair cleaning

Reliant® with Counter-rotating brush machine at an affordable price

  • An excellent starter counter-rotating brush (CRB) machine 
  • Superior for smaller cleaning jobs 
  • Lightweight design, versatile, and easy to use
  • Lifts pile, scrubs pre-spray, and works with HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner to deep clean carpet or grouted tile and textured floors
  • Ideal for cleaning both carpeted and rubberized stair treads