Arrow Custom Sewing Insert

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Eleanor Custom Sewing Insert
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Our custom acrylic sewing machine inserts are designed to create a flush working surface for your specific sewing machine, to use with an Arrow, Kangaroo or Americana sewing cabinet. When installed, the acrylic insert creates an ergonomic worksurface while sewing in the flat bed position. The insert fills the gaps allowing for straighter stitches, less fatigue, and overall better sewing experience.

For a snug fit, please answer the following questions below so we can create the perfect custom insert for your cabinet and machine.

Please note: Inserts are custom made and may take 3-4 weeks to arrive.


  • Custom sewing inserts are made of clear plexiglass and designed for 2 different types of sewing wells:Custom Inserts are U-shaped, designed to fit around all 3 sides of your sewing machine
    • Beveled edge
      • Sits completely flush with the sewing well
    • Non-beveled edge
      • Designed with a lip to rest on the cabinet top
  • Custom Inserts are designed only for flat bed sewing position, which is the second (or middle) position of your sewing lift. Each custom insert comes with an optional adhesive ruler that can be applied
    • Inserts are designed to be used with the accessory kit removed