Bio-Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 20oz

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Bio-Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 20oz
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James Wilson Testimonial:  
Never Tried Before---Worked Great!!!We had lime ring and stains in the toilets for years. I tried this product. After 15 minutes and some scrubbing the rings of 7 years came off. I tried self help, Youtube, and lots of stuff (cleaners)...this stuff works great. I was impressed and got my job accomplished. This product and a toilet brush or S.O.S. pad and 15 minutes will give you a like new toilet. Its worth the try

The professional formula is safe on any hard surface yet cleans better than any household bathroom cleaners you find in the grocery store. Not only is it satisfaction guaranteed, but if you are not pleased, we give you your money back.


Toilet bowl cleaner removes the ring around the bowl in the toilet. Completely restoring the surface area, as well as sealing the area for up to 3 months. All natural, biodegradable cleaner is safe and effective, and works with minimal effort.