Crescent Wiss 1DSN 8-1/2" Industrial Inlaid® Shears

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Extra leverage shears with long straight handles. Short blades and rugged construction for heavy duty jobs. For cutting and trimming light metal, wire screening, heavy fabrics, upholstery, leather and plastics. Used in automobile industry for auto-body trimming, in shoe manufacturing for cutting shoes, hats and window shades.

  • Quality Leather Shears
  • For Professional Use
  • Long fulcrum can cut thick leather with no strain on the hands

The Crescent Wiss® Industrial Inlaid Shears have nickel-plated blades and handles, forged from high carbon steel. This particular pair of shears sees extensive use in the poultry industry because of the sharp cutting edge, long blade life, comfortable handle rings, and SET-EASY® pivot.


  • Used extensively in the poultry industry
  • Precision ground blades give you sharper cutting edges and a longer blade life
  • Handle rings comfortably fit users hands
  • SET-EASY® pivot adjustment easily and securely adjusts to your preference
  • Hot drop-forged, nickel-plated blades are durable and strong
  • New enlarged lower ring for increased comfort