Family Sew FS-288 w/ Craftsman Case

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FS-288 w/ Craftsman Case
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Family Sew FS-288 w/ Craftsman Case and 7″ gate: Straight Stitch machine with 5mm Zigzag Walking Foot All Metal Portable Upholstery Sewing Machine FS288 Flatbed 14.5X9″, Straight Stitch, up to 5mm Zigzag, 5×9″ Arm Space, 150W 1.5A Motor, 1/4″ Foot Lift, 4SPI Stitches/Inch, 800 SPM Speed, Dual Belt Drive, Weighs 35 Pounds. Included accessories box, bobbins, needles, oiler, screwdrivers, and Craftsman Carrying Case.

Family Sew is a Semi Industrial Sewing Machine with Upholstery capability. 800 SPM with attached motor included. Walking foot dual-feed capability built-in. Sews Heavy leather up to 1/4″ thick, covers, sails. Ideal for upholstering furniture, tarps, tents, curtains, cushions, and much more. Great portability with when used with a carrying case. 

Designed and made for boat owners and hobbyists, the Family Sew is ideal for medium to heavy-weight sewing jobs. With a stitch quality comparable to an industrial machine, even 8 layers of Sunbrella Plus is no match for the Family Sew. With top and bottom feeding, it produces a perfect, even stitch, even when sewing over challenging materials.

Walking foot sewing machines work best for medium to heavyweight material.  It is not suitable for thin fabrics used to produce masks or gowns.

  • 800 stitches per minute
  • High lift walking foot with 1/4″ clearance underneath the foot
  • Special heavy duty motor attached up to 150 watts, 1.5 amps, twice as much as home sewing machines
  • Fits regular portable case or cabinets
  • 4 stitches per inch maximum stitch length
  • Uses standard upholstery needles: 135×17, size 22, 20, 18, etc.
  • Walking foot dual-feed capability built-in.
  • Great portability with handle accessory on top.
  • Maximum zigzag stitch width: 0.2″.
  • Adjustable stitch regulator and tension.
  • 3 Needle position.
  • Electric foot control.
  • Machine is equipped with reverse.
  • FS-288 has a 7 inch gate.
  • Craftsman Carrying Case #SMC388, a sturdy sewing machine case for Family Sew FS288, includes comfortable handle, one piece, easy to grip, durable, protective, will handle heavy machines. This case is designed to fit Long-arm flatbed sewing machines, Ideal for transporting your machine to classes or workshops. This case with enforcement buckle hook design built to last.