Fresh Wave Gel Crystals: Amber 15 oz

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Odor Removing Gel: Gel crystals freshen the air in any room.
Have a whole room that stinks? Or a mighty powerful litter box? You'll need our Gel. Just open the lid and remove the seal. Replace slotted lid and place gel where odors are strongest. Sniff. Smile. Repeat every 30-60 days. (Hint: The gel will disappear as it evaporates.) Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel works by getting more Fresh Wave molecules into the air, outnumbering those bad odor molecules. For typical household odors one Fresh Wave Gel (7 oz or 15 oz) will be effective up to 200 square feet. For more severe odors, additional Gel containers may be necessary to combat those odors. 15 oz last 60 days.

Curious where to use our odor removing Gel?
Here are a few suggestions: