Janome Quilting Kit front loading

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Everything you need for quilting on your Janome Front Loading Bobbin Case style machine.

Quilting Attachment Kit | Part Number : 200117007 - This accessory works with the following models:

Quilting Attachment Kit for Janome front load, low shank machines.

Kit Includes:

  • 003200310002 (Low Shank Even Foot and Quilting Bar)
  • 003200318000 (frac14" Seam Foot)
  • 003941630000 (Low Shank Darning Foot)
  • 003735801008 (Plastic Darning Plate)
  • 003823504004 (Low Shank)
  • 003802508003 (Zigzag A Foot)
  • Instructional Sheet

    Use with: JA104, JA106, L108, L109, L110, 222A, COMBI 10, 405, 415, 419S, 423S, 609NH, 639, 1017, 1117S, 2003P, 2018S, 2039SN, 2041, 2041LX, 2041NX, 2041S, 2141S, 2041SX, 2049LX, 2049NX, 2118S, 2139S, 2139N, 2149SX, HF3125, 4612TM, Harmony1017, Harmony2041, HF106, HF107, HF1012, HF2022, JA1502, JA1504, JA1506, JA1508, JA1510, JA1512, JA1518, JD1803, JA1804, JD1806, JD1810, JD1812, JD1814, JD1816, TB12, JD1818, JD1822, Jem Lite, JF1004, JF1012, JF1014, JF1018, JF1018S, JF1022, JS1003, JS1004, JS1008LE, L344, L352, L353, L372, L373, L392, L393, LR1612, LR1616, LR1618, LR1622, QS2250, RX1818, RX1822