KL-K5 Heavy Duty Walking foot Lockstitch Machine - Special order

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$400.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
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Prepaid, delivered to your location knocked down.

This machine is special ordered direct from the factory just for you! Machine orders are prepaid.

KWONGLAM: A New generation...

KL-K5 Long throat, Touch Control Smart Computer, Top-Bottom Feed, Lockstitch Machine: A new commercial sewing experience!


  • Built-in thread trimmer
  • Built-in LED lighting: No additional light fixture! 4 led lights focused at the needle piercing point.
  • Needle stop up or down
  • Features operate using the speed control pedal, heel and toe operation.
  • Built-in motor: No motor hanging from the stand.
  • Complete stand with thread tree and drawer.
  • Preorder if you'd like it shipped. ETA is 4 months.