Miele Laundry Systems: How they Work

Get the most out of your Miele with CareCollection

Made exclusively for Miele, the Care Collection offers a wide range of products to help you not only care for your laundry and dishware, but also ensure the best care for your Miele appliances. Whether it's your best china or your most delicate clothing, the Miele CareCollection's extraordinary dish and laundry care products will give them the best possible treatment. 

Miele TwinDos – Two-phase Dispensing

Miele Ultra Phase 1 & 2 Detergents Stain Remover Experiment

Cleaning the TwinDos system with TwinDosCare | Miele

Perfect results

"The formula especially developed for Miele washing machines stands for reliable, perfect washing results."

Always perfect results
Optimum interaction of detergent and washing machine: Simply perfect laundry care.

Spot removal

Excellent spot removal already at low temperatures

For brilliant laundry
Modern and high-performance ingredients ensure an optimum washing result. The powerful formula ensures excellent spot removal in the complete temperature range.

UltraWhite – powerful formula

UltraWhite will clean your whites thoroughly and hygienically.

For brilliantly white laundry
The powerful formula with its high active oxygen content ensures optimum wash results and brilliantly white laundry.

UltraColor - Color protection formula

Miele UltraColor ensures that your favorite colors and black pieces remain beautiful longer.

For shining colors
"Special protection components and care materials let colors radiate, and your clothing also retains its complete brilliance even after many laundry cycles."


WoolCare - special care complex

The gentle detergent for delicates WoolCare is optimally suited to cleaning highly sensitive clothing.

For all delicates
"Thanks to its wheat protein complex, the individual structures of the fibers are cared for and smoothed sustainably."
WoolCare - Fiber protection

No felting sensitive woollen textiles require especially gentle washing.

Reproofing agent

"Using it, you proof your sports and rain protection gear against moisture and dirt effectively."

Ideal for sports clothing and rain protection gear
The Miele proofing agent provides effective retention of breathability as well as wind- and dirt-resistance for all outdoor textiles. The textile fibers maintain their functionality; they remain breathable and elastic.


Miele fabric conditioner for laundry with a unique, fresh and natural fragrance.

For a fresh scent
Miele fabric conditioner for laundry with a unique, fresh and natural fragrance.

Soft and cuddly laundry

Soft and cuddly laundry to make for your well-being – thanks to the Miele softener

For your well-being
Soft and cuddly laundry to make for your well-being – thanks to the Miele softener

Special detergent for down

Clean pillows, sleeping bags and down-filled clothing gently and efficiently using the special down detergent.

Ideal for down
"Thanks to the special formula, the elasticity of the down feathers is maintained." The down does not clump and remains fluffy. 

Special detergent for sports clothing

The special detergent quickly makes breathable sports clothing made of microfibers or polyester fresh again.

For breathable sports clothing
Its special mixture neutralizes unpleasant smells. Its anti-static effect maintains the form stability of your fitness clothing.

Special detergent for outdoor clothing

Perfect detergent for high-quality outdoor and functional clothing.

For high-quality outdoor clothing

The lanolin contained in the detergent acts like a soothing bath for the membrane. It remains elastic and flexible and retains its complete functionality.

Simply perfect laundry care. 
With Miele.

Simply perfect laundry care. With Miele.

With your Miele washing machine you have chosen excellent quality and performance. To achieve the best possible results at all times it is important to use the proper detergents.
Not every off-the-shelf detergent cleans just as well in every washing machine.
That's why Miele now makes detergents especially for Miele washing machines.

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