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With the MOD Electric Lift Sewing Cabinet, you can move your sewing machine with the touch of a button! Easily program your lift to automatically stop at three locations for perfect positioning by pushing a button. 

The lift provides a solid platform for your machine to minimize vibration which typically results in skipped stitches. Plus, it comes with a quilt leaf to create even more space. 

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  • Electric lift moves with the touch of a button and auto stops for different lift positionsA solid platform to minimize vibration which typically results in skipped stitches
    • Three programmable lift positions: free arm, flat bed and storage
    • 65-pound sewing machine capacity
  • Quilt leaf is stored on the back of the cabinet which helps keep large projects from pulling or laying on the floor 
  • Includes a retractable, hinged pocket door that slides in and out of a side pocket 
  • Two adjustable height shelves for extra storage 
  • Includes a wooden cover to place over the sewing well when your sewing machine is in the storage position to create a flush surface for other projects
  • Pocket door to conceal your machine in storage position to keep it tucked away and safe 
  • Designed to work with a custom machine insert to create a completely flush workspace increasing comfort and efficiency Use alone or in conjunction with other MOD components 
    • Sewing machine opening is beveled with ¼” ledge 
  • Kangaroo Sewing Furniture Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Available Finish: White


  • Cabinet Dimensions: 
    • Dimensions Open: 45 ½” W x 39 ½” D x 30” H 
    • Dimensions Closed: 45 ½” W x 23 ¾” D x 30” HQuilt Leaf Dimensions: 45 ½” W x 15 ¾” x ¾” H
      • Width is measured from the back corner to right or left side 
  • MOD Electric Lift Sewing Cabinet is ideal for Sewing Machines: 
    • Up to 65 pounds
    • Maximum Machine Dimensions: *Please measure your machine and include knobs, plugs, etc. that extend beyond the body of the machine
      • Width: 30 ½” (left to right) 
      • Depth: 14 ½” (front to back)
      • Height: 16” 
      • Sewing machine opening is beveled
  • Shelf Dimensions: The entire MOD Electric Lift Sewing Cabinet features tough melamine laminate, MDF, and composite wood
    • 6 ½” W x 12 ¾” D (adjustable height)


  • The cabinet is only available fully assembled from Arrow Dealers  
  • MOD Electric Lift Sewing Cabinet weighs a total of 150 pounds