Readivac Handvac RH2000 - Wet/Dry

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Douglas Readivac Handvac 2nd Generation Storm Model RH2000

New features include:

  • Stainless Steel reusable filter – Provides for increased suction; a durable, washable and reusable filter.
  • Status indicator lights – Shows the status of the battery when being used and when being charged.
  • Soft-touch On/Off button – No more mechanical switch. 
  • Press the button to turn ON and OFF. 
  • When the battery is fully depleted, the unit will auto-reset to the OFF position and will charge when placed in the storage / charging base.
  • When the Storm is being used, the indicator lights will change from 3 (fully charged) to 2 (2/3 charged) to 1 (1/3 charged).
  • When the Storm is charging the lights will change from 1 (1/3 charged) to 2 (2/3 charged) to 3 (fully charged).
  • 25 Minute cleaning time.
  • Cleans up wet or dry waste.
  • Picks up 8 oz of liquid.
  • KPA 8.0
  • Accessories include crevice tool, dusting brush, charging base and Lithium Ion battery.
  • 71.7 dB
  • Easy to display full color box with handle.
  • 1 year warranty