Reliable Vacuum Board model 500VB

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$100.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
The Board 500VB Vacuum & Up-air Pressing Table has a 2 directional motor / fan, thus you get both vacuum and up-air features. Recommended for home use only.
  • Usable from either side of the table
  • Height adjustable - 30.5” - 38.5”
  • Quick-Dry textured polyester cover set
  • 16" x 48.5" pressing dimension
  • 500VB COVER SET (500VB, 550VB, C81/C88): $49.95
  • Pressing on a regular ironing board eventually leads to a damp ironing surface, making it impossible to get a clean, crisp finish for your garments. The 500VB with professional grade vacuum provides the user with the same tools that professionals count on. The secret to great finishing is to keep the ironing table dry by removing steam from the fabric. The powerful vacuum motor on the 500VB does this quickly and efficiently. Great for dress shirts, pants, skirts jackets and more.

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