Riccar R25P.2 Series Premium Pet Clean Air Upright Vacuum

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Riccar R25P.2 Premium Pet Clean Air Upright - The R25 Pet vacuum provides a world-class cleaning experience on bare floors to plush carpets and everything in between. Using Clean Air technology, it's also built to provide powerful suction using tools. The R25P features include: Dirt sensor lights turn off when it’s okay to move on. Lifetime belt protection stops the brushroll from turning until the jam is cleared, saving you from unexpected belt changes. Full bag sensor lights up to indicate that it's time to change the bag, which eliminates guesswork. 360 turning turns on a dime, every time, allowing ultimate maneuverability through your home. HEPA media filtration and granulated charcoal filters for our highest level of particle and odor filtration. Top-loading HEPA media bag captures more dust and locks in particles like dust, dander, and pet hair. Self-cleaning Fur Get It pet tool cleans pet hair from upholstery and stairs. Easy to use? The R25 was designed to be a delight to use from handle to wheels. With switches at your fingertips, caster wheels for ultimate pivoting and intelligent tool configuration, Riccar covered it all. Plus, it includes bright LED lights, an ultra-low profile nozzle and lays flat for cleaning under furniture. The R25 clean air machines aggressively pull dirt from deep down in the carpet to preserve the life of your carpet, yet are gentle on wood floors.