Ceiling Fan Duster Refill - back ordered until June.

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RCFDR2/ 445063
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Ceiling Fan Duster Refill - Model #CFDR2 @ $19.99

If the time comes when the wool duster cylinders need replacing, just order the refill. Replacing the dusting cylinders is easy.

1) Simply unscrew the wing nuts from one side of the dusting frame.

2) Pull out metal rods.

3) Replace old used cylinders with new, clean cylinders.

4) Reattach and tighten wing nuts. Wing nuts must be finger tight

Add a pack of duster cylinder refills when you buy our lambswool ceiling fan duster, plus a bottle of our duster shampoo, and you’ll always have a fresh set ready to go. Tough and durable enough for janitorial and commercial use, too.