Complete C3 Calima

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Calima: SGFE0
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Calima is best used with hard surfaces and minimal carpet demands. Calima includes a HEPA filter for the greatest Filtration demands.

  • High suction power – 1,200 W

  • Reliably removes pet hair and lint with turbo brush.

  • Gentle on delicate hard floors – flexible Parquet Twister

  • Maximum air hygiene with HEPA AirClean filter

  • No need to stoop thanks to plus/minus foot controls

All product benefits at a glance - Complete C3 Calima PowerLine - SGFE0


Practical locking system

Incredibly secure with just one click

Nothing comes loose: Floorhead, Telescopic Suction Wand and handle lock into each other with an acoustic fit. Floorhead, suction tube and handle lock into each other with an audible fit. The parts all connect securely but can be easily disengaged at the touch of a button, for instance for attaching a different accessory.

Comfort cable rewind with single-touch control

Extra quick and convenient: The entire cable can be rewound by simply tapping the footswitch.

handles-with-anti-static-conductor.jpgExclusiv to Miele

Handles with anti-static conductor

How you are protected: A metal insert in the handle prevents static discharge between appliance and user.

Works like a lightning conductor
All Miele canister vacuum cleaners have a small metal strip integrated into the handle, which works like a lightning conductor. This prevents static discharge between appliance and user.

Bumper strip

No more scratches: A plastic strip protects furniture and the appliance against accidental collisions.

Protects furniture and walls
The Miele Complete C2 and Complete C3 vacuum cleaners are equipped with an all-round furniture protection strip. This protects both furniture and appliance in the event of accidental collisions.

Gentle-start motor

No more overload: The selected power level is ramped up gradually on Miele vacuum cleaners.

That is easy on the power supply.
The selected power level is ramped up slowly when Miele vacuum cleaners are switched on. This protects the mains from overload.

Thermal protection

Fully automatic: A temperature limiter protects the motors of Miele's cylinder vacuum cleaners from overheating.

Reliable protection against overheating
A temperature limiter protects all Miele canister vacuum cleaners from overheating. Should the air passage become blocked – for instance by vacuuming up bulky particles – the motor will automatically shut off for safety reasons. After the cause of the shut-off has been eliminated and the appliance has cooled down, it is ready again for service.