Unique Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator Quart Concentrate

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Unique Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator Quart Concentrate dillutes to 2.5 gallon of solution.

Tackle Your Home’s Toughest Odors and Stains
Pets are amazing companions providing lifelong friendship, adventure, and cuddles. But sometimes our pets can create some pretty big stains and odors throughout our home. You need something that is going to remove those stains and odors quickly and effectively. Unique Pet Odor And Stain Eliminator’s proprietary blend of bacteria and enzymes goes to work instantly removing those harsh odors and stains without masking anything. Pet Odor And Stain Eliminator tackles both new and old stains, even down to the subfloor. Pet Odor And Stain Eliminator also removes the pheromones that can encourage resoiling. Pet Odor And Stain Eliminator is proudly made right here in the USA and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Pet Odor And Stain Eliminator contains a highly-effective blend of bacteria and enzymes that go to work instantly, breaking down even the most stubborn stains and odors. The way it works is simple. Bacteria need a food source to survive, and your pet’s odors & stains are the perfect food source. Once the bacteria in Pet Odor And Stain Eliminator encounters a food source (the odors and stains), it becomes active and begins to eat. As the bacteria eat, they produce enzymes. These enzymes help to break the stain and odor down into more easily digestible food for the bacteria.

Many products claim to eliminate old stains and odors, but oftentimes these products just end up masking the smells, leaving you with a strong odor again after the fragrance has worn off. Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator is lightly perfumed, but the perfume is actually removed by the bacteria when the cleaning process is completed. So, instead of masking, Unique Pet Odor And Stain Eliminator destroys the true cause of the odors and stains, completely removing the problem at the source, leaving nothing behind.

    • Eliminate Your Pet’s Toughest Odors and Stains

      Powered By the Most Advanced Bacteria & Enzyme Formula Available

      • Erases Stains & Odors Related To Urine, Feces, Vomit,  Blood, Food & Chews, Slobber & Drool, And Much, Much More

      • Deodorizes Kennels, Cages, Pens, Dog Runs, Pet Beds, Cat Towers, Coops, Litter Boxes, Horse Trailers, and More

      • Eliminates Both New and Old Messes

      • Discourages Unwanted Marking

      • Tackles Messes From Pets of All Sizes And Species

      • Made In The U.S.A

      • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

      • Formulated With Trust

      Ingredients: Water, PC-48 (readily biodegradable surfactant), Sodium; Methane; Tridecyl Sulfate (Non-ionic surfactant), Bacteria Preservative, Bacteria Preservative, Buffering Agent, Buffering Agent, Opacifier (in 32oz and Gallon sized products), Viable Bacillus Bacteria, Neutoleum Fragrance

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