Unique Wine Stain Eater Ready To Use 4 oz

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wine 4oz
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Wine Stain Eater removes red wine stains in seconds. Keep it in your purse or car to clean up life's little messes!  Use this green, natural, product to effectively eliminate red wine stains and more in seconds! Wine Stain Eater is a safe, natural and effective way to immediately get rid of red wine stains. This green, organic, product will remove stains and odors from red wine, coffee, soda, food, grease, kool aid, juice and more! It is your non-toxic solution to removing stains from carpet, furniture, upholstery, hardwood, clothing, concrete, or anything that water won't damage. Use Wine Stain Eater and you'll see your stains and odors begin to disappear immediately! Plus, the handy 4 oz. size makes it easy to keep with you at all times so you can clean up the little messes that life throws at you! Green cleaning has never been more effective!