Wessel-Werk Villa 30' Dual Voltage Carpet Universal Accessory Kit

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Wessel-Werks Villa 30 ft Dual Voltage Accessory Kit is made up of 14 premium attachments and accessories designed to tackle almost any cleaning task in your home. Includes direct connect machine end adaptor or corded plug-in style.

The Villa collection attachment set is Wessel-Werk's elite tool kit. Power can be switched from the handle, both for the powerbrush and vacuum power. This set includes all the necessary accessories for cleaning your home, including the EBK360 soft clean powerhead. The EBK360 soft clean is Wessel-Werk's brand new powerhead designed specifically to clean "soft" carpeting. If your home features this new type of carpet, invest in the right tools to properly clean and maintain its delicate fibers packed with 30 foot universal hose.

  • The German manufactured EBK360 soft clean ensures you're receiving a high quality, deep cleaning powerhead. the five-position carpet height adjustment, lightweight design, and suction release holes make this powerhead ideal for your soft carpeting. Plus,
  • Brushroll height adjustment - by including 5 height adjustment levels, the soft clean EBK360 can be raised to glide easily across the extra thick carpeting
  • No sealed suction - to eliminate the chance of a powerhead locking onto the dense carpet and damaging the fibers, the soft clean EBK360 is designed with suction release holes along the bottom of the powerhead
  • 13"Bare floor brush
  • Quick disconnect telescopic wands, and two plastic wands.
  • Elongated dust brush, and 13" crevice tool.
  • Clip-on tool caddie secures up to three attachments to the wands in order to keep cleaning tools at your fingertips.
  • Mesh bag allows you to hang, or carry all attachments wherever you need them. a wand clamp and plastic garden style hose hanger can be mounted anywhere to make storage neat and orderly.

Wessel-Werk 30 Ft Plastiflex Hose 

Wessel-Werk PlastiFlex HoseThis lightweight durable hose features a three-way switch and 360-degree swivel capability to effortless clean every area of your home.  Can be converted to either a pigtail or direct connect configuration. 
Wessel-Werk Dual Quick-Disconnect Telescopic Wand

Wessel-Werk Quick Disconnect Telescopic WandThis is the main telescopic wand used with the EBK360 powerhead, floor brush, and other attachments. Designed to work with pigtail and direct connect systems. 
Wessel-Werk Extension Wand
Wessel-Werk Extension WandReaching tight spaces is never a problem thanks to the Wessel-Werk Extension Wand. Adjust to your desired length and vacuum away!

Wessel-Werk EBK360 Electric Powerhead

Wessel-Werk EBK360 Power HeadThis electric powerhead features a 180-degree swivel neck, soft rubber wheels, 5 levels of manual height adjustment, and an LED headlight perfect for shedding some rays underneath beds and inside closets. Also manufactured into the design is a reinforced cogged belt and chevron bristle brush roll. Last, but not least, the Wessel-Werk EBK360 is made out of durable ABS plastic that is the same grade used to create football helmets. This means it's designed to withstand more than just normal wear and tear. 
Wessel-Werk 6 inch Turbo Brush - Optional

Wessel-Werk Turbo BrushFor smaller tasks, such as cleaning stair risers and treads, use the optional Wessel-Werk's 6 inch motorized turbo brush.
Wessel-Werk 13 inch Bare floor Brush 

Wessel-Werk Bare Floor BrushThe Wessel-Werk 13-inch bare floor brush features spaces between the bristles to increase airflow when vacuuming hardwood floors, tile, marble, or vinyl. Thanks to its 180-degree swivel design, users can easily pivot around furniture legs. 
Wessel-Werk Airflow Control Squeegee
Wessel-Werk Rubber SqueegeeThe rubberized airflow control squeegee allows you to customize the suction power to the smooth surface you're vacuuming.
Wessel-Werk Elongated Dusting Brush 
Wessel-Werk Elongated Dusting BrushUse this cream-colored dusting brush to clean corners and along baseboards. Its elongated design makes it perfect for cleaning tight spaces with just the right amount of suction. 
Wessel-Werk Upholstery Tool   
Wessel-Werk Upholstery ToolDesigned to clean delicate drapes, this seven inch upholstery tool features red lint-lifters that attract the worst dirt and grime. Guaranteed not to break thanks to its heavy duty plastic construction. 
Wessel-Werk Crevice Tool 
Wessel-Werk Crevice ToolWessel-Werk's elongated crevice tool measures 13 inches long for cleaning hard-to-reach spaces and is constructed out of durable plastic to tackle any mess. Uniquely manufactured so you get just the right amount of suction for any given task. 
Wessel-Werk Clip-On Tool Caddy 
Wessel-Werk Tool CaddyStore up to three attachments conveniently on-board using Wessel-Werk's Clip On Tool Caddy. Save time and energy looking for the right tool. 
Wessel-Werk Wand Clamp
Wessel-Werk Wand Clamp This clamp allows you to hang your telescopic wand on the wall when not in use, which is a very handy feature when you're in a rush!  
Wessel-Werk Hose Hanger 
Wessel-Werk Hose Hanger
Never have a kink in your vacuum hose when using the Wessel-Werk Hose Hanger! 

Wessel-Werk Mesh Tool Bag
Wessel-Werk Mesh Tool BagKeep all your attachments together by using Wessel Werk's Mesh Tool Bag. Never misplace or lose another tool again!