Wessell-Werk 30' Villa Collection Soft Carpet Universal Accessory Kit

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Wessel-Werk: Wessell-Werk 30' Villa Collection Accessory Kit 30 FT with pigtail or direct connect. 


Wessel-Werk The Villa Collection 30ft PT/DC Central Vacuum Tool Kit - #WWEBK360-30

Wessel-Werk EBK360 Powerhead Features and Benefits:
  • LED headlight burns brighter and longer with less energy
  • Reinforced cogged belt lasts longer
  • 4 Soft rubber wheels won’t marr bare floors
  • Solid state circuit breaker protects the motor
  • Locking neck with release pedal for quick release of wands
  • Large edge cleaning channels to clean closer to edges and baseboards
  • Extra large intake orifice means less, or no, clogging
  • Enclosed side mounted belt so your belt is protected from debris you pick up
  • Air-flow control squeegee for hard surface use
  • Chevron bristle configuration maximizes brush roller effectiveness
  • Locking neck assembly for convenient on/off function
  • Telescopic wand with cord management saves time attaching the hose to the wands
  • 5-Step height adjustment for use on a wide variety of carpet styles

Be sure to stock up on replacement belts: Geared Belt 19.1 016-300

Attachment Set Included Components:


The 30 ft PT/DC Plastiflex Hose is built for comfort and convenience. The hose is lightweight with a three way switch on the handle for controlling power to the powerhead and to the system. It has a full 360-degree swivel. This hose comes with a pigtail cord for use with non-electric inlets and a conversion kit to change the hose end to direct connect for use with electric central vacuum inlets.

To view conversion instructions look here.


The Wessel Werk EBK360 Electric Powerhead is the powerhead included with this kit. See details of the features and benefits above.

floor brush

A 13 inch Barefloor Brush is perfect for any hard surface you want to clean. It is great for tile, marble, vinyl, laminate, and hardwood floors. Even if your floors have deep grout, the brushes on this tool will grab the dirt out of the cracks on every pass. The swivel design allows you to get low, underneath counters and furniture.



The Dual Quick-Disconnect Telescoping Wand is included for use with the powerhead, floor brush and other attachments. It includes the cord management necessary for the electric powerhead. This set also includes two plastic wands (see below). If you still need more wands, consider purchasing extra wands. Often customers like to keep an extra set of wands and a bare floor brush in their garage, utility closet, or kitchen pantry. This allows them to just pull out their hose and they are ready to clean in the garage, bathroom, upstairs, or wherever. In addition, an extra set of wands allows you to extend your cleaning capability beyond the length of two wands (traditionally 42"). If you have high ceilings or ceiling fans, an extra set of extension wands can really be handy for getting those hard to reach areas.


A Set of Two Plastic wands are included for use with the floor brush and other attachments. You can dedicate the electric telescoping wand to your powerhead and use the plastic wands with other attachments or combine them to reach the highest places you need to clean in your home.

The Elongated Dusting Brush is a small tool with full bristles, traditionally used for dusting furniture, baseboards, lamps, and lamp shades. You can go even further with a good dusting brush and take your cleaning to a new level. A central vacuum system with a good dusting brush is ideal for cleaning screens, air conditioning vents, refrigerator coils, permanent air filters, ceiling fans, blinds, window frames, crown molding, and light fixtures.


The new, wider upholstery tool is designed for cleaning furniture and car upholstery.


A Crevice Tool is ideal for cleaning hard to access…well, crevices. These tools are thin and narrow and allow you to get into small areas with your central vacuum system. The crevice tool included with this kit is 13 inches long. But crevice tools come in a variety of lengths…anywhere from 4" all the way up to 36". The longer crevice tools are perfect for getting under your refrigerator or very low furniture. The flexible crevice tool is perfect for cleaning the lint trap on your clothes dryer. If you want to look at the different crevice tools we carry, click here.


A Clip-On Tool Caddy is for carrying your tools with you as you vacuum. This convenient accessory attaches to the vacuum wand so you can carry up to three of your attachments with you as you vacuum. No need to leave your vacuuming to search for the tool you need. With the tool caddy, you can carry them with you so they're always at your fingertips.


A Mesh Tool Bag allows you to store your tools when not in use. Hang the bag in your closet or anywhere you'd like. It's perfect for keeping all your tools in one convenient location or if you'd like, use the bag to carry your tools with you as you do your cleaning.


A Wand Clamp allows you to hang your wand on a wall for easy access. It is a convenient place for your wand to be stored when not in use and elminates the pro blem of leaning your wand up against a wall, only for it to fall onto the floor. The clamp is easily mounted in your closet or anywhere you'd like.


A Hose Hanger allows you to hang your hose when not in use. The hose can be coiled up to avoid kinks in the hose and also saves space storing it. The hanger is easily mounted on any closet door or wall.

The Villa Collection attachment set is Wessel-Werk's top of the line attachment set. This set includes all the necessary tools for cleaning your home, including the EBK360 powerhead. The EBK360 is Wessel-Werk's latest and greatest tool for cleaning your carpet. The German design and manufacture of the EBK360 means you can be sure you are getting a high quality, deep cleaning powerhead. With an impressive 5 position carpet height adjustment, quick neck release, and wand release, you get convenience plus versatility. The bright LED headlight will save energy and last longer than traditional headlights. The hose that comes with this set can be either pigtail for use with standard inlets or direct connect for use with electrical inlets. It comes with a simple conversion so it will work with either. To view conversion instructions look here.

The Wessel-Werk EBK360 has a rubber strip and soft rubber wheels making it ideal for use, not only on carpeting, but also on bare floors. With a chevron designed roller brush, the effectiveness of the brush roller agitation is maximized, which means maximized cleaning. Check out all the great features and benefits of the Villa Collection.