C3 Brilliant/Uniq/C3HomeCare Plus Electric Suction hose: SES131

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$19.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

This to your DELUXE electric hose replacement. Use this with set220 wand and seb powerbrush. Miele SES131 electric canister vacuum hose is designed to fit the S8 / Complete C3 PLUS, BRILLIANT, UNIQ SERIES canister vacuum cleaners. This hose uses a direct connect style attachment eliminating the need for a pigtail cord. The handle has an ergonomic feel giving users and easy to use REMOTE switching controls the power head and machine power.

  • Fits Miele C3 Brilliant, Miele S8 Uniq or C3 Complete HomeCare Plus models
  • Genuine Miele Replacement Part

 31taerlgxql.-ac-sx466-.jpgAdd this Miele SET220 Electric Telescopic Wand and a SEB Powerbrush to convert your pure suction Miele C3 into a Miele powerteam!