Koblenz P-620 Scrubber Polisher Floor Machine


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Koblenz Hard Floor Scrubber Polisher
Leaves hard-surface floors clean and beautiful by scrubbing, polishing and buffing. This powerful hard floor polisher delivers professional results with little effort. High-impact housing and a powerful all-metal 4.2-amp motor help ensure that the Koblenz floor polisher delivers outstanding performance time and again. This floor polisher machine features all-metal motor construction to ensure long-lasting performance. It features bronze gears to enhance the life of the machine. To ensure ease of use, this hard floor polisher is designed with baked-enamel angled steel handle. It is ideal for high-traffic areas in the home, office or commercial establishment. This polisher goes a long way towards maintaining a clean and controlled appearance, whether at a school or university, restaurant or deli or in the home.
Koblenz Cleaning Machine Hard Floor Polisher:
  • Designed for use on hard floors
  • High-speed 4.2-amp motor
  • Baked-enamel angled steel handle
  • Twin brushes provide stability and superior cleaning
  • 9.75" cleaning width
  • Accessories/attachments included:
  • 1 pair of scrubbing brushes
  • 1 pair of tan polishing pads
  • 1 pair of lambswool buffing pads
  • High-impact housing
  • All-metal motor construction
  • Bronze gears for extra-long life
  • Model# 00-6026-9 (P-620 A) floor polisher machine