Leather Hole Punch

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Leather Hole Punch Set for Belts Watch Bands Straps Dog Collars Saddles Shoes

Product description

Our Strengthened Punch Pliers is an excellent tool, which is used for making holes in Leather, Watch Band, Cloth, Shoes, Handbags, Gaskets, Cardboard, Plastic etc.
Ideal for Home, Shop, Hobbies, & Crafts.

How to use:

1. Measure the Desired Position.

2. Quickly Tag it with the Grinding Rod.

3. Rotate Anticlockwise to the Right Hole Size.

4. Put a Thick Cardboard above the Brass Pad.

5. Squeeze the Handle, Rotate Left and Right to Punch through the Hole.

6. Grinding Rod can grind the hole head and also clean the debris.

Type A  

Round Hole Sizes:3.5mm (9/64inch)   4mm (5/32inch)   4.5mm (11/64inch)
Flat Hole Sizes :6x4mm  7x3mm  8x3.5mm

Type B  

Round Hole Sizes:3.5mm (9/64inch)   4mm (5/32inch)   4.5mm (11/64inch)

Flat Hole Sizes : 6x4mm 7x3mm 

Ellipse : 6x4.5mm
Package Contents:
1 x Punch Plier
1 x Spare Brass Pad
1 x Screwdriver